[NEW RELEASE] Crowd 2.1.3 (SQ 7.9+ support)

This contains a community-sponsored fix for the JAXB issues.

It solves the following issue: https://github.com/deepy/sonar-crowd/issues/25
by juggling the classloaders here: https://github.com/deepy/sonar-crowd/commit/020274b7d9242ea0db7715407d9bf88c96b2110c#diff-eec9a2047ceaa281e6db094b220fb518R58

I’m not overly happy with that workaround, so if anyone knows the proper way to do it I’d love a pointer or a PR :slight_smile:

It looks like this is done in the SonarQube codebase at least once so… you get a pass I think :smiley:

Hi @deepy,

Is this your request to have the Marketplace updated? If so, I need you to submit a PR on the repository that holds the underlying data files (and include its URL in this thread :slight_smile:)


Hi again,

Nevermind. Colin pointed out that it’s already in there. Since he’s on this, I’m going to bow out.


Marketplace updated. :slight_smile: