Move dependency-check-sonar-plugin to SonarQubeCommunity organisation

I would like to move the project dependency-check-sonar-plugin to the SonarQubeCommunity organization.
I had a small email conversation with Nicolas Bontoux from Sonarsource about violations of our current organisation name (“SonarSecurityCommunity”) and organisation picture. Therefore it would be nice, if we could develop this plugin under the official SonarQubeCommunity organization.
I created also a GitHub-Issue, to track this in both portals.
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If I understood @ganncamp correctly, the GitHub organization SonarQubeCommunity is deprecated (see sonar-groovy discussion)

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Hi Reamer,

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@TobiX is right that the SonarQubeCommunity organization isn’t actively seeking new repos. :smiley:

In fact, there’s nothing special about this organization except that it’s where we (SonarSource) move repositories for plugins we’ve decided not to maintain any longer. When a maintainer steps up for one of these plugins, we hand off ownership and the repos move into the new owners’ orgs. So from that standpoint it doesn’t make sense to me to move your plugin in to SonarQubeCommunity.

Hope this makes sense.


Thanks for your explanations.