[NEW RELEASE] sonar-l10n-zh-plugin-8.5


sonar-l10n-zh-plugin-8.5 has been released.

The main changes is support SonarQube 8.5.

The Download link and release notes: https://github.com/SonarQubeCommunity/sonar-l10n-zh/releases/tag/sonar-l10n-zh-plugin-8.5

The pull request for market place : https://github.com/SonarSource/sonar-update-center-properties/pull/156

Please update the market place.

Thank you


Xu Hui Sheng


Could you remind me where your SonarCloud project is, please?


I logined sonarcloud.io with github account. And there is no repository for me.
I am not the owner of https://github.com/SonarQubeCommunity group, Maybe someone could add me to group.


I think the best thing to do here long-term is to transfer that repo to your ownership. Then you’ll be able to set it up in SonarCloud and we can go from there. Before I kick that off on our side, are you good with transferring ownership to the xuhuisheng GitHub account?

In the meantime, I’ve updated the Marketplace for this version; I know that these l10n updates are all strings & no code. (I.e. you pass on the honor system this time :wink:)

Thanks for your continued efforts on this!


Hi, Ann,
I forked sonar-l10n-zh to personal namespace, and I can import it to sonarcloud. I think it ok to transfer the project to me.

I had a question if we transfer sonar-l10n-zh from SonarQubeCommunity to xuhuisheng, do I have to change the update-center’s urls first?

There are two plans.

First, I just forked the project, and imported it to sonarcloud, We could see new version on sonarcloud on the forked project. The lack is forked project couldnot copy the release informations.

Second , transfer the project to my personal namespace, Maybe I should update urls in update-centers, and create a new pulll request.


I think it will be tidier to transfer you ownership of the original repo & I’ve put in a request on my side to do that.

I believe you’ll need to delete your fork before the transfer can happen, but someone will ping you if that’s the case.


Hi Xu,

I transferred you the ownership of the repo.

You can’t receive it as long as you have a repo of the same name or a fork in your account.

Let me know when you got it


OK, I had deleted my forked repo and related project in sonarcloud.
Please let me know what I should do.

Hi Xu,

Now, you just need to accept to become the new owner.

You probably received a notification by mail and/or in your GitHub account.

Hi Jerome,
I had received notification from email, and sonar-l10n-zh had transfered to my namespace.

I had import sonar-l10-zh project to the sonarcloud, the url is https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=xuhuisheng_sonar-l10n-zh.

Please let me know what we should do next.

Thank you.


It looks like you’re mostly done except for getting your coverage imported. Your homepage shows 1 unit test but 0 coverage. I believe SonarCloud has some wizards or documentation to help you out with that. If it’s not enough, please open a new thread in the SonarCloud category.


Hi Ann,
I had added testcase, and coverage is 100% now.

Is there any changes for releasing new version of plugin? As, should I just add soncloud project info in the next version of plugin releasing info?



Release procedure is the same, and yes please do include the SonarCloud URL in your next release announcement.

I’ve just double-checked and the URLs in the update center file still work because GitHub redirects, but it would probably be good to double-check them and/or adjust.

You may also want/need to update your pom. I’d just double-check to see what URLs are in there.