Sonar-Build_breaker plugin not compatible with version 8.9?


While planning for 8.9 upgrade we have noticed that build breaker plugin is not compatible with version 8.9. Do we have any workaround for this one? our teams extensively use this plugin as of now.

Hey there.

As noted on the repository:

Deprecation Notice

This repository is deprecated, no future releases will happen. You are advised to use the built-in functionality available from SonarQube 8.8. Please check the official documentation to learn more.

Is it supported in Community editions or this feature available only in paid version starting from Developers edition, as the Branch Analysis?

Hm… maybe we should have thought to charge. I’ll pass that idea along :wink:

Just kidding, it’s available in all editions

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Just correcting the link to the SonarQube documentation: Failing a pipeline job when the Quality Gate fails

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