We have upgraded our sonarqube from 6.7.5 to 7.7.0 and then the build is getting failed stating below conditions

QualityGateBreaker shouldExecuteOnProject
[INFO] QualityGateBreaker skipkey : false
[INFO] [BUILD BREAKER] Waiting for report processing to complete. Task Status:IN_PROGRESS
[BUILD BREAKER] Quality gate status: FAILED
[INFO] [BUILD BREAKER] Coverage on New Code: 0.0 < 60
[INFO] [BUILD BREAKER] Project did not meet 1 conditions
Can anyone tell me how can i resolve them.

You have the build breaker plugin - that’s why it failed the build since the conditions are not met (Coverage on New Code: 0.0 < 60). Disable the build breaker or uninstall the plugin will probably resolve this issue. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Do we have that plugin in Sonarqube version 7.7.0? how to disable that plugin? we are using central Jenkins and we don’t have permissions to uninstall the plugin ? Is there any way to disable it using code or through command line ?

Looks like they dropped support for that plugin since version 6.3 Do you guys own SonarQube server? if yes, you can do it by deleting the buildbreaker jar file in SonarQube\extensions\plugins and restart services. Or you can do it in SonarQube UI iff you are administrator. Just go to Marketplace, find that plugin and click Uninstall.


okay thanks !!! I just wanted to know that does this plugin is causing the issue?

Yes most likely. Because it will break the build if your application does not meet the conditions.

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Well !!! thanks i will try it !!! :slight_smile: