[BUILD BREAKER] project fails quality gate

Even though i have updated my sonar maven plugin from 3.0.2 to with sonarqube version 7.7.0, my build job is working fine but the project got failed on sonar server stating that
Quality gate status: FAILED
[INFO] [BUILD BREAKER] Coverage on New Code: 0.0 < 60
[INFO] [BUILD BREAKER] Project did not meet 1 conditions.
Can anyone suggest me how to resolve this ?


It’s not clear to me if your complaint is that your build is failing or that your project shows up with a failed Quality Gate inside SonarQube. If the former, it’s because you have installed a plugin called Build Breaker which is designed to fail the build when your project fails its Quality Gate. One easy way to make it stop is to simply uninstall the plugin.