How do we break the build on quality gate failure in Sonarqube 7.0?

For Sonarqube 7.0, I would want to understand how do I fail/reject a build when quality gate fails? I am referring to . I see that for earlier versions 5.x, seems like there was a plugin to break the builds, and for latter versions 8.x, there is a configuration for CI/CD. Can you please suggest on what is to be done for 7.0?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @akanksha,

As a starting point, I’d really recommend that you upgrade to at least SonarQube 7.9, since 7.0 is no longer supported. What happens next depends mostly on your CI tool. But in Jenkins, for example, you’ll be able to take advantage of the wait for Quality Gate functionality that comes as part of the plugin for Jenkins.