Loading screen forever in setup of Enterprise, missing js?

I downloaded the SQ Enterprise to make a test upgrade on a test server. But after start it it seems to get stuck in the loading screen forever. When checking in dev tools it seems that it gets a 404 for http://localhost:9000/js/main-d0ae3f07.1588858339197.js.

When checking the web/js folder the main-d0ae3f07.1588858339197.js is missing but there is a main-f075b844.1588858339197.js. Is the wrong versionen fetched by SQ or might it be something else wrong with my setup/configuration.

Ps. all other js files seems to get a 200 in dev tools.

The zip that was used is sonarqube-enterprise- (https://binaries.sonarsource.com/CommercialDistribution/sonarqube-enterprise/sonarqube-enterprise-

Thanks in advance!

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Some more information, the test server had IE11 as “default” browser. But after installing Chrome I could access /setup without “never ending” loading screen and upgrade the system and everything seems to work fine. It seems modern browsers like Chrome uses different js files (with “.m.” suffix)
See: https://github.com/SonarSource/sonarqube/blob/

IE11 should be supported in SQ 8.3 (according to docs) but I never did get it working on the test server. Seems like the web/index.html has the following include.
<script nomodule src="%WEB_CONTEXT%/js/main-d0ae3f07.1588858339197.js">

But as stated before, the main-d0ae3f07.1588858339197.js is missing in web/js folder in the sonarqube-enterprise- Don´t know if that was the issue for the IE11 not working or some configuration on the server, but just wanted to share some information.

So If you have similar problems try to use a “modern” browser like Chrome instead of “legacy” like IE11.

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Hi @meko,

Thanks for the report. I’ve opened a ticket here, we’ll try and fix it ASAP.

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