SonarQube 7.2.1 Developer never loads

I have installed the SonarQube 7.2.1 Developer edition on Linux, and everything starts fine and looks good from the logs. However, trying to hit the web front-end, the “Loading” screen just spins forever. I see entries in access.log if I try to refresh the page, but nothing ever returns. With no issues showing in the logs, I am not sure where to even start troubleshooting. Would appreciate any help or hints of where to look.

It might be an issue on the UI side.
What is the browser you are using? Could you check if you have any JavaScript error in the console of your browser?

I have tried with Chrome and IE. Looking at the console, I am getting a 404 error on:


So far my googling isn’t turning up much, but I will continue to dig!

It might be a cache related issue. Can you send me a screenshot of your Network tab in the Developer Tools (with only JS and XHR requests) after the page fail to load in Firefox ?

Could you also try reloading the page with the cache disabled ? You can disable it on Firefox in the developer tools like this:

Ugggh… figured it out. I had a typo in the sonar.web.context property. Appreciate your help and apologize for wasting your time!

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Thanks for the follow-up Craig.

One reaction I’m having though is that I’m surprised a typo in sonar.web.context caused such a mysterious behaviour :confused: Can you give more details on what the typo was, and which URL you were querying ?

Even poking with sonar.web.context I couldn’t reproduce anything similar to what you describe so far. Want to make sure we don’t overlook a potential improvement here.

Delete one too many characters when uncommenting out the line: onar.web.context=/sonar

Turns out that doesn’t work as well :wink:. It is very likely that this is causing a warning to show up in the log files somewhere, but I never saw it.

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Ah, I thought the typo was in the value, not the parameter name itself. Thanks for clarifying !