SonarQube Site stuck on loading

  • Recently installed SonarQube 8.3.1 with OpenJDK version 12.0.2
  • Everything seems to have completed fine however when I browse to localhost:9000 it just displays a “Loading…” spinning circle.
  • We are using a an application server for sonarqube and a separate sql server for the sql instance. No tables seem to be populating in SQL either. I am not seeing any issues in the logs so I am at a standstill. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the community!

I’m guessing you’re using IE? There was a bug fix related to that in 8.4. I suggest you upgrade to 8.4.1 (or switch browsers :slightly_smiling_face:).


I switched to chrome which seemed to resolve the issue. I appreciate your assistance.

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