UPGRADE FROM 7.6 -> 8.3.x

I’m new to SONARQUBE, and tasked with upgrading the system from the existing servers to new servers and new version of SONARQUBE.

Moving from Windows 2012r2 to Windows 2019, MS-SQL 2012R2 to SQL 2019.

All going well upgraded from 7.6 to 7.9 LTS, system operational and available to users.

I installed and started SonarQube from a command prompt, appears to start correctly, screen says to run /SETUP to upgrade the db. Going to the URL for the app or /setup same result.

As I stated that I’m a newbie to SonarQube so; is the is a NEWBIE question, I apologize now…

Hi there!

What is the result?

I was beat by the UNDO or something…

When I install the 8.3.1, and start from the command line. The system loads and starts with out error. Final display on the screen is to run /SETUP url.

When trying to load the page https://sonarqube.mynet.com:9000/setup (My FQDN is different), I just get the “LOADING”, icon. Nothing at the console, and did not identify anything in the other logs. I have the logs set to debug.

Looks like IE 11 issue?


I’ll get chrome installed…

and try again!

You’re ahead of me. :slight_smile:

And the issue should get fixed in SQ v8.4, due out end of this week / early next.

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I was able to install and upgrade the system using EDGE (1809). Will upgrade to 8.4 when it’s released…

Thanks for the HELP.