Upgrading from 8.9.7 or 8.9.8 LTS to 9.4. Issue screen loading displays permanently

I am in the process of upgrading from 7.9 to 9.4 in stages.
Successfully upgraded from 7.9 to 8.9.7 (database successfully upgraded too) , then upgraded to 8.9.8 LTS (no database changes).
Upgraded to 9.4 and this is where the fun started!!
Sonarqube starts successfully and shows the message “The database must be manually upgraded.”
Open browser (IE in this case) and go to //localhost:9000/setup and receive a screen that has the beloved circle of life rotating and the word Loading next to it. This has been left for over 16hours with no change.
Does anyone have any ideas how to continue so that I can update the database? In earlier releases I had the “Update Database” button to click, nothing in this instance!!
Thanks in Advance

Hi Chris,

Can you try this in a different browser? Do you get any errors in your browser console? You’re not the only one reporting this, but I’m not getting any details back when I ask.

And BTW, we officially don’t support IE, (possibly because of stuff like this…?)


Actually this was using FireFox.
I installed 9.3 and the same thing happened, but when i used Chrome to browse to the sonarqube/setup page it worked fine and I now have a running version of 9.3, going to upgrade to 9.4 again later.