Upgrade SonarQube Community Edition 8.3 to 9.5

i have sonarqube 8.3 community edition
i want to upgrade to 9.5 last version
I must to upgrade to 8.9 lts version and then upgrade to 9.5?

i upgrade to 9.5 directly and cant start the service

I have log called web in logs folder and there is:
caused by: current version is too old please upgrade to long term support version firstly

Hey there.

As noted in the upgrade guide, you must first upgrade to v8.9 LTS.


hey Colin
i upgrade successfully to 8.9
and after that in upgrade to 9.5
I have massage on log
warn - the database must be manually upgraded
—please backup the database and browse /setup
I have postgressql version 9.3 I see in sonar.propeties file (that I need to upgrade) that sonarqube 9.5 needs postgressql 9.6?
i am right?

in antoher log
database needs to be migrated

Hey there.

The requirements are pretty clear – Postgres 9.6 is the minimum supported version of Postgres.

Thanks colin
i have postgres 12
what I need to do now for the upgrade would be work?

  1. I make backup
  2. I make vaccoum full command on db

but I see the screen of the sonar is always loading

hello colin

i upgrade from 8.3 to 8.9 and this is works fine.
after upgrade from 8.9 to 9.5
I have massage on log : the database must me manually upgraded please backup the database and browse /setup

I make backup on postgres and the /setup is stuck on loading

unfortunately I get the loading spinner at the /setup url, and no buttons or anything. I don’t see anything else obvious in the logs. Do you know if I can force the database upgrade if I cannot see the button?

Hey again @itmprest

Do you have something configured for sonar.web.context in your conf/sonar.properties file?

the soultion is to open
/setup on Microsoft edge not in Chrome