Postgresql 9.5 and sonarqube 8.9 LTS

Hello !
We have planned to upgrade from Sonarqube 7.9 LTS to 8.9 LTS (community edition), and I see in the prerequistes that suported versions for postgresql database have changed: before 8.9 LTS it was 9.3 to 13 and now it is 9.6 to 13.
Unfortunately, our postgresql version is 9.5.6 and it could be quite complicated to make an upgrade.
Could you tell me if the upgrade is mandatory or if the 8.9 LTS version can run on postgres 9.5 ?
Thanks !

Hi, as far as I know, it should work with PostgreSQL 9.5. Our prerequisite means that we tested the versions we mention. Basically, if you decide to go with an unsupported version, we won’t be able to help you if you ran into an issue. But that might work.

PostgreSQL < 9.6 will be dropped at some point in the SonarQube code, as we currently have two implementations for SQL queries: one with upsert, and one without. Upsert are faster, and we will drop the queries not using it at some point. Most likely when SONAR-14720 is implemented.

As PostgreSQL 9.5.6 is not supported anymore by PostgreSQL, I strongly encourage you to upgrade to a supported PostgreSQL version at your earliest convenience.

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Hello Pierre, thanks for your answer.
I’ll give it a try and I’ll plan a database upgrade in the next few months.