Unable to upgrade Sonarqube 8.9.5 to 9.9.0

Hello All,

I have my live setup running with sonarqube 8.9.5 and i am trying to upgrade to 9.9.0, my setup is running on Docker on ECS. I have built the image with sonarqube 9.9.0 and installed my custom packages and the container is up and running now. Now i am trying to upgrade my sonarqube postgresql db but i dont find proper guidance to upgrade it.

I checked the sonarqube upgrade documentation, but i think its more likely into the setup not the db alone (i may not have proper knowledge). So can someone help me the procedure to upgrade the DB part.?


Hey there.

There’s nothing here that’s really SonarQube specific. I suggest referring to the pg_upgrade documentation.

And, this post:


Thanks, Got an idea now, again there is no clarity for me to proceed. My exist postgres db running on version 13.7, should i goto next version 13.8 or 9 or to the latest version 14.8. After upgrading the DB do i need to do any index optimisation or any db related activity??


You don’t necessarily have to perform an upgrade at all. Postgres 13 is supported for SonarQube 9.9 LTS. Take a look at the requirements documentation.

You can also keep an eye on this guide: