Language support after upgrading to 8.5

Hi. I just upgraded to 8.5 (CE) from 8.4.1. As read in the upgrade notes, before upgrading I uninstalled language plugins:

Languages provided with your edition and support for GIT and SVN version control are now built-in and don’t require plugins. If you were using these plugins, you need to remove them from SonarQube before upgrading

¿Where can I activate Java, JS, Go and other language? I can not see any option in the administration section and no languages plugins are found at the Marketplace.

Hi @jandroav ,

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as you already quoted: these are now active by default as the are now bundled within sonarqube :slight_smile:

Hi. Thanks!
The strange thing is that no source code is detected…it is like no languages are activated.

Sonar 8.4 (language plugins enabled)

Sonar 8.5 (language plugins uninstalled -except yaml)

this is odd. how do you install sonarqube and where did you remove the language plugins prior to the upgrade? also can you list the content of SONARQUBE_HOME/lib/extensions? this is where the embedded jars should be located

Hi. I removed it at /admin/marketplace?filter=installed url.

I perform the upgrade always the same, in this case:

  mkdir -p ${SONARQUBE_HOME} && \
  curl -L ${SONARQUBE_DOWNLOAD_URL}|bsdtar fx - --directory ${SONARQUBE_HOME} --exclude extensions --exclude logs --exclude temp --strip-components 1 && \
  chown -R ${USERID}:0 ${SONARQUBE_HOME} && \
  chmod -R 0770 ${SONARQUBE_HOME}

I have no extensions folder at /lib:

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Well i think we got the error here

as you noted you don’t have the SONARQUBE_HOME/lib/extensions folder as you remove it from the extraction command, but the analyzer jars are now in this folder. you can validate this by comparing the zip with your folder structure. when you change your deployment by including this folder, you will have all analyzers back as expected

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Oh! Thanks! what an error…Fixed and now it is working!
Thank you very much

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