Recent install of 8.5 Developer edition: where are all the plugins?


I’ve just updated our 8.3.1 DE instance to 8.5.
When I go to Marketplace, I don’t see the language family plugins that we use: cfamily, csharp.

How should I enable these?

I also see that the 8.5 instance have a new folder: lib\extensions
In this folder I can see those familiar plugins, but

  • why are those in the lib\extension folder, instead of extensions\plugin
  • how can I install or activate them? As they are not listed in the Marketplace? Just copy over from lib\extensions to extensions\plugins?


Why is this not the 1st thing on the Release Notes and or Upgrade-Notes page (like


Just FYI, it is in the Upgrade notes under the heading Upgrade simplified: Languages, GIT and SVN support now built-in


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