Trying to upgrade from 8.4 to SonarQube 8.5 but plugin directory jar files are missing

Dear All,

Sorry in advance for the double post but I deleted it from “New Feature”.

We just downloaded the latest community edition of SonarQube and we noticed that the extensions\plugins directory is empty. With version 8.4 there are 19 jar files in the directory but with 8.5 it’s empty except for the README.TXT. Is this by design or am I doing something wrong? see screenshot of the 8.4 zip file and 8.5 zip file.

Thanks in advance for any guidance

Hi there.

Short answer: All of these plugins are now analyzers that are built into SonarQube, and this directory is only for community-supported plugins (based on your screenshots, you have none). This is a change made in SonarQube v8.5.

Longer answer:

Hi Colin thanks for the explanation so starting with this version it sounds like he plugin directory will only be used be external plugins.


@Colin You might wish to update the upgrade documentation - I’ve spent ages looking for the plugins without success but thankfully stumbled across this post.

“Manually install additional plugins…”

Also the InstallNTService.bat script is missing from the latest version. Suggest pointing at the new way of installing the service?

“In case you used the InstallNTService.bat to install SonarQube as a Windows Service, run the $OLD SONARQUBE HOME/bin/…/UninstallNTService.bat before running the InstallNTService.bat of the $NEW SONARQUBE HOME.”