Disable some language's plugins in Sonarqube analysis

Hi everyone!

I use Sonarqube CE and Sonarqube EE
Questions is for both version of SQ

I am developing on C#\Java and would like to disable plugins for other languages from SQ, as during CI\CD they are all downloaded and simply waste job’s time. I do not see such an option in the Administrator interface on the Languages tab, it is not possible to disable these plugins there, only to configure associated extensions.

I found that the built-in plugins are located in /lib/extensions
For testing, I deleted the vbnet plugin, restarted the server - everything works great at first glance

Could you advise me how correct such a move is? Is it possible to delete plugins this way and will it not affect the performance of Sonarqube? Or is there another way to disable plugins for these languages?

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Here is other thread tracking the issue which has apparently been fixed for Sonar Cloud but has not been ported to other versions!

Restriction of the download of scanner plugins to those that are essentially needed - SonarQube / Product Manager for a Day - Sonar Community (sonarsource.com)

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Hi @dw-om
Thank you for your reply
I see that this issue is realy important for community

I know that many people are looking forward to the implementation of this feature in SonarQube. However, since the feature has not yet been ported from SonarCloud, I was wondering if anyone has tried manually removing the plugins that provide this analysis. If so, did you encounter any problems?

As far as I can tell, the only way to disable language analysis completely is to manually remove the plugin from the appropriate folder. This is not an ideal or flexible solution, but it is at least a way to remove plugins that are not relevant to my teams. Is there a more flexible workaround available at this time?

There is no other work around. Waiting on SonarQube release 10.4 or move to SonarCloud

Thank you @dw-om

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