Issue : Quality Gate failed: Compute engine task did not complete within time

I am getting this error starting this morning, like since an hour or so. (Issue began around 10:30 AM Pacific time). We have bitbucket pipelines - sonar cloud scan setup

Have tried several times and still same, is anyone else facing same issue at the moment ? If so then please comment so Sonar will get to know and must react on this, thank you

Exactly like this -> Quality Gate failed: Compute engine task did not complete within time

update at 1:50 PM PST, 11th Sept 2020
ran out of options and I just tweeted it a min ago - hope that helps, fingers crossed

update at 4:35 PM PST, 11th Sept 2020
Several companies/users has been facing this issue and related issues around this but still no response yet or acknowledgement yet!
someone even sent an email to Sonar CEO but no response yet

NOTE: most irritating is, placing restrictions on no.of comments/replies a user can post, how can you guys put restrictions on no.of comments/replies too and no proper support engagement in spite of paying for using the product!

cc: @sonarsourcers

and your website still reports status as up and fine


Getting the same issue here.

Same here

@Alex_Karaman @Beth_Shook : any idea how to report to them directly?
I don’t see any option to raise a ticket from Sonarcloud - I tried in past as well but finally ended up here and same once again.

Any idea how to tag them or report to them in any possible way? - this link is fine but makes no sense on how to open a case in SonarCloud ?

I referred to this - this really isn’t great!

@Carine_Lacombe Carine, appreciate if you could please involve or pass on these details to your respective support/product team.

cc: @sonarsourcers

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@Mukesh_RT2019 not sure, but I imagine with enough attention to this report it will bubble up to the correct people to resolve this.


I wish same, it will be really great if more people could flag this/add comments so they get to know

cc: @sonarsourcers


Same issue here.
Started around 2pm EST.

All builds blocked and all PR blocked.

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getting same issue here: my teams are irate to say the least

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exactly, it’s annoying to comment out code scan stuff in all pipelines now - which is not good/ideal. @sonarsourcers: guys, we have no clue why it is happening and no one has hasn’t acknowledged it yet! Really appreciate if someone can at least acknowledge it, so we know Sonar is looking into it.

Also you have to come up with proper ticketing support system standard, not this community way to create and wait for you guys hoping we would get response!


@sonarsourcers: many are facing same problem

seriously guys, is this even valid! how can you guys restrict? @sonarsourcers

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Same issue here, first I had a JAVA HEAP error and now is stuck at publish step, any idea of what could be happening? Or how to report it?

Same for us too
in more than one of our Pipelines

Same here. node.js on bitbucket pipeline

You need execute pipeline with debug mode to see real error message


To minimize impact in my enviroment in AzureDevOps, I enableded this options.


all scan jobs going into the abyss here. queued, but never started. Had to turn off scanning for my entire organization.

Same here. All Project Analysis jobs for the past few hours are Pending, and never start.

It’s been almost the whole day now and all of our pipelines in bitbucket are completely block by this error. How can we escalate a now/critical bug to SonarCloud?