How to raise a support ticket for sonar issues?

How to raise a support ticket for sonar issues ?

Hi @Geeth,

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The answer to your question really depends on the edition you are running:

  • if you are on Community Edition of SonarQube, help will be found here, on this community forum, via the answers from community (and commercial editions) users and/or SonarSourcers

  • if you are on a Commercial Edition (Developer, Enterprise or Data Center), you can access to this community forum as well; in parallel, you should talk to your Sales rep, as Support is available on top of subscription, especially if you need to share private code and issues, or if you need help and good practices on SonarQube.


But …when clicked on support ,its redirecting to

So which credentials I should provide?sonar

Hi @Geeth,

which edition of SonarQube do you use?
Have you subscribed to a Support contract?


SonarQube version 7.7 Community edition is installed here

Seems like support will be found on this specific forum. Do not hesitate to open a topic with your problem, mentioning the version of SQ, what you are trying to do, what you already tried to solve your problem and logs, so we (customers, users and SonarSourcers) will be able to help you!

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