Having issues with report timing out

Right now I’m using Azure DevOps and we were having no issues getting back the reports. Now when we send to SonarCloud it shows the /api/ce/task?id= as just PENDING. Is there something going on or is anyone else having these issues on SonarCloud.

Here’s what’s happening.

  1. Building
  2. Sending to Sonar Cloud from Azure DevOps
  3. The analysis supposedly gets done. It has a URL and everything, although the URL is always a 404 as it’s going to the project and branch and it’s not creating that. The status keeps showing pending even after 30 minutes.

It worked until about 3 hours ago.

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This might be related, Issue : Quality Gate failed: Compute engine task did not complete within time

We’re seeing similar behavior using Jenkins.

Seeing this as well.

Know issue, please consolidate in this thread: