Issue : Quality Gate failed: Compute engine task did not complete within time

Same for us too
in more than one of our Pipelines

Same here. node.js on bitbucket pipeline

You need execute pipeline with debug mode to see real error message


To minimize impact in my enviroment in AzureDevOps, I enableded this options.


all scan jobs going into the abyss here. queued, but never started. Had to turn off scanning for my entire organization.

Same here. All Project Analysis jobs for the past few hours are Pending, and never start.

It’s been almost the whole day now and all of our pipelines in bitbucket are completely block by this error. How can we escalate a now/critical bug to SonarCloud?


The same in our entire organization.

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affecting my entire org as well.

Same issue reported in these threads:

having the same issue, like for everybody else started around 2pm ET and still is not working

Same issue :confused:

We have the same issue :sob:. The last analysis failed with memory heap error and then all others have already been queued and are in pending status

Same issue with us, all our tasks are pending.

how do you do that?

@Anshuman_Goyal to enable debug mode add -X to the scanner command line:

usage: sonar-scanner [options]

 -D,--define <arg>     Define property
 -h,--help             Display help information
 -v,--version          Display version information
 -X,--debug            Produce execution debug output

I posted a tweet, probably my first ever. Please retweet, that might get their attention.

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Done, it seems to be motionless.

Same issue. Entire org wide scans stalled in all of our pipelines.

same here, no response whatsoever.