Background tasks pending

I have 6 background tasks pending since 2:46:24 PM (GMT-3) and nothing in progress.


I’m seeing the same thing across my entire organization. Had to turn off all scanning.

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Same here with us. It is not working. All our tasks are in Pending state and I even cannot see any downtime on Sonar’s Status page.

Same here, over 32 pipelines pending.

Getting the same too, last week was broke for 3 days, then suddenly started working again, now broke again since last night.

Know issue, please consolidate in this thread:

We also have the same problem since yesterday. In our case we are using SonarCloud from the Windows msbuild scanner. Scanner works fine on our machine, but reports show as, for example:

24 hours! tasks still going to the abyss! No communication.

bug for the status page added