Individual Email notification for SonarCloud scan

How to get an email notification from SonarCoud to an individual on a predefined day of the week. Can we at least publish a link, If the email has to be published from Azure DevOps?

I want to send a consolidated mail to all stakeholders via email for Sonar Quality Gate result, errors, code smells etc. on a particular day of the week.

Please help me where I can put multiple email addresses and the weekly consolidated Sonar quality results should be sent as an Email notification to different stakeholders.

Hello @devaj ,

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We do not have plans to add such specific notifications in the short or mid term. To accomplish this, you could use our API to gather all necessary data and then send an email via a custom script. You can find the documentation on our API here.

Hi @Martin,

Don’t we have any email notification feature available in SonarCloud to notify the Admin atleast.


Hi Martin,

Or can we publish sonar cloud report through an email as a notification.