Sonar report via mail

Hi Team,

We are trying set up sonar report notification via mail. added mail smtp details and tested the connection part. After this I am able to get the report after enabling the notification section for the project once sonar scanner done. but similar set up we did it for others in the team. but they are not getting any report. could you please let me know if any further setting we need to look into or any restriction kind of thing there.



Could you elaborate on this:

Because users need to subscribe themselves to notifications.

Also, what “report” are you expecting to be sent? There are several different emails that could be sent from SonarQube.


Hi Ann,

We are specifically looking for sonar scanner result entire one, already users subscribed using their respective user id. but they were not getting those mail alerts. as of now I am getting quality gate and report details via mail.


There’s no “full report” that’s sent after each analysis. As you’ve noted, you can get emails about changes in Quality Gate status, and about issues (potentially) after each analysis. But you don’t get an “entire” report. That’s just not available.

In Enterprise Edition($$) there’s a Product PDF status report, but that’s a monthly report.