SonarQube report analysis email notification not working


What we are trying to achieve ?
SonarQube code analysis report send as email notification.

What we did ?
We have created a new user in SonarQube and added that user to the respective groups. SMTP server has been setup and test email are working fine. Project analysis email notification has been setup in the new user account.

Issue we are facing ?
We did a SonarQube code analysis through Azure DevOps, after the code analysis done , we are not getting report analysis to the email. Is there anything we missed ? Kindly suggest some solution.

  • Does the new user you created have an e-mail address associated?
  • Which notifications did you enable, and expect to be triggered by your new analyses?

Yes , we have a email address associated for the new user. Please find the following screenshot for your reference


Our requirement is to get email notifications whenever the new code analysis is done for every project in the SonarQube.

Though configured this setting, we dont actually receiving the email.

Hi @Colin,

Any update on this.

In fact – the notifications you’ve configured don’t necessarily mean you’ll receive an e-mail on each new analysis.

You would receive a notification… exactly when it says you would. If background tasks fail, issues that are assigned to you change, the Quality Gate changes, you are assigned new issues… a new analysis can happen with none of these things happening.

Have you had one of these events occur – for example, the Quality Gate for a project changing, and received an e-mail?