How to migrate sonarqube to sonarcloud

we are looking to purchase sonarcloud, but we also want to migrate existing sonarqube to sonarcloud.

please let me know how can we migrate it.


Hi @atul_chauhan,

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You can take a look at this thread.


Thanks for the reply so i can’t migrate projects from sonarqube to sonarcloud.

@aurelie and @Fabrice_Bellingard is that true - one can not migrate SonarQube project to SonarCloud ? I find that hard to believe but I can not find any information proving the opposite.
Would you have any comment on that ?


Hello @Emil_Obreshkov ,

A direct migration of the data from SonarQube to SonarCloud is currently not available. Out of curiosity, what information / set up would be important for you to migrate? Do you feel the need to migrate the existing configuration or rather the historical data of your projects?

Hi @Martin_Bednorz,

You mention “direct migration” but is there an “indirect way” ? We have the need to migrate existing configurations and historical data for the projects we have and there are bunch of them.
I guess our support and migration team is/will be in contact with your experts regarding best way to migrate but again I find it strange that there is no much available information on that important topic.

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