Sonarqube migration to sonarcloud

  • I have installed sonarqube(v7.1) in kubrenetes and using PostgreSQL DB, now I am planning to use Sonarcloud,
  1. can I migrate my sonarqube to sonar cloud?
  2. if yes, - are there any migration steps to migrate sonarqube to sonar cloud
  3. if no, - isn’t that possible to do ?

Take a look at this answer in another topic:



Thanks for reply.
I got one other question, our developers use different languages like swift, java, angularjs, .net, c#, .net core, android, IOS and Delphi. Will the Sonarcloud supports running code coverage on all these languages ?

Thanks in advance.

The supported languages are listed here:

Hello Fabrice,

Thank you for reply,
we are looking for delphi, but I see sonarcloud is not supporting it. so we found a plugin which will enable sonarqube to analyze Delphi project.
I want to understand can we install this plugin(below mentioned) in sonarcloud (is that allowed for us to do in enterprise version) and how far is it possible to configure it in sonarcloud ?

Thank you

Hi Yamini, SonarCloud does not support installation of SonarQube plugins. New languages can’t be added on your own.