Migrate from SonarQube CE to SonarCloud

Is there a migration process for moving configuration, users, projects, history etc from SonarQube CE to SonarCloud? Is there any documentation around this please?

I see an old thread from a few years ago says “no” but has anything changed? The advice was to start a new thread rather than start a new one.


Hi! And welcome to the SonarQube community!

As far as I know there is not an official migration process.

It is as simple as changing your host url and update your security token to point to SonarCloud instead of your SonarQube on-premise instance. Configuration will remain the same if you use advanced properties for analysis (like exclusions and so on). If you used the project settings UI then you will have to change it manually for each project.

Users should be on any of the existing ALM tools (Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab, Azure DevOps) in order to log into SonarCloud. I think there is no possible mapping between those users and the users you may have on your on-premise instance, since there is an internal id when the user is created that will never be the same.

If you want to re-create history you can try to use the “sonar.projectDate” param but the question is why you need history?

And of course, you can try to build your own “scripts” or “automations” to migrate settings and projects using the Web API from both sides before start doing analysis on SonarCloud… It will always depend on how many projects you need to migrate…

Best regards.

Thanks for your reply.

Perhaps history is the wrong word. I am thinking of things like the status, comments or assignee of an issue. Without some sort of migration process, won’t that all be lost?

Oh, you are right! As far as I know without an official migration tool there is no way to keep issues changes (won’t fix, false positives, comments, …). All that information will be lost, along with Security Hotspots information and changes.

Maybe someone at Sonar is working on the migration tool to support it… :crossed_fingers:t2: