Migration to SonarCloud

Hello all,

We are currently thinking of migrating our on-prem SonarQube infrastructure to SonarCloud. We would like to make it as transparent as possible for our dev teams. However, I couldn’t find any documentations about a possible migration between the two platforms.
Is it possible?
If yes, can the data be migrated too?


Hi G,

There’s no real functionality for this on either side. The only transferable data would be your Quality Profile contents, and even then there are some limitations (altho most people would never notice them).


Hello Ann,
Thank you very much for your answer.
Related to the quality profile, what can and cannot be migrated?



Yes, Quality Profiles are export/import-able.


Edit Sorry. I mis-read. It’s still early for me. What fails in the export (and thus isn’t there for the import) is your custom rule descriptions.

I’m also remembering a problem with custom rules created from templates, but it looks like that one got fixed.

Hi Ann,

Thank you very much for all the information.