Migration from SonarCloud to SonarQube Enterprise

Hi, Is there any possibility to migrate from SonarCloud to SonarQube Enterprise? Or could the rules or quality gates be exported?



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Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re going to be able to export any of your data from SonarCloud. I think you’re going to need to start over entirely.


Ok thanks!, and another question. Is it possible to migrate without losing data from the developer version to the enterprise version?

yes indeed !
Just follow the docs here: Upgrade Guide | SonarQube Docs
Under “Upgrade Edition” chapter.


Hi again,

Just a followup, I couldn’t find the profile export option when I looked yesterday, but I was looking in the wrong place. So you will be able to export your Quality Profiles from SonarCloud for import into SonarQube. Sorry for the confusion.



Would you mind sharing what is making you move from SonarCloud to SonarQube?
Also, what are the data you’d need to export?


Thanks Ann.

Christophe, We are thinking of a scenario where we start small with SonarCloud and end up with more than 10M LOC, in which case we would consider going to SonarQube Enterprise

Hello @Jesus ,

Could you share the reasons why you want to move to SonarQube Enterprise from SonarCloud after a certain amount of lines of code?

Hi Martin,

From 10 LOC it may be that we need more project management and the cost from there also seems to be cheaper in the enterprise version than in the cloud