How do I use multiple code sources (Github, Bitbucket, etc.) with the same email account?

Our organization has several source control repositories in Bitbucket, Github, Azure DevOps, etc. If we have users with the same email addresses in each of these repos, which we do, it seems that sonarcloud wants to only associate the account with one source. Is there a workaround to allow multiple sources to work in sonarcloud? Right now, I’m being forced to remove access to one when I add the other.

Hello @KesselRun ,

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In general, it is possible to use SonarCloud with the same email address on different platforms (GitHub, Bitbucket, etc.). There are a few things that are only going to work with the account you logged in the last:

  • Notifications
  • Automatic issue assignments

Otherwise it should work without any problems.

Right now, I’m being forced to remove access to one when I add the other.

Could you go into more details?

When I go to and try to log in, I get the menu to connect using Github, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Azure. If I choose to log in with Bitbucket, it connects fine. But if I choose Github, it says

The email address **** is already associated to this user account:

[Bitbucket account]

By clicking on “Continue” you will associate this email address to another user account:

[GitHub account]

This means the following:

  • Your email address will be erased from the first account.
  • You will no longer receive email notifications from this account.
  • Issues won’t be automatically assigned to this account anymore.

Thank you for providing more details!

You can safely continue here, everything except the two mentioned features are going to continue working.

We have improvements already in mind for working with multiple DevOps platforms. They are not on this years roadmap but something that we want to work on mid-term.