Re-associate from Bitbucket to GitHub

In SonarCloud. currently, our company wants to link SonarCloud with GitHub for code analysis. but when i login SonarCloud with Github, i got a re-associate alert.
looks like my company individual email address is already associated with my bitbucket sonarcloud account. (we are currently using SonarCloud with bitbucket cloud), and cannot be re-associated with my GitHub sonarcloud. my question is is it possible to use the same email address to log in SonarCloud with Bitbucket and Github. if it is not. is there any solution regarding this issue? thank you.

Hello @fjiang-aamc ,

It is possible to use the same email address, and we have plans to make this process a bit smoother in the future. As of today, you can safely switch between the accounts, the only drawbacks will be:

  • For the dis-associated account the email notifications and auto issue assignments won’t be available anymore
  • For the account that was newly associated all features will be available
  • You can switch back and forth between the accounts without problems

HI Martin
thank you for your explanation. so when i switch to the newly account, all the settings, data and projects, which are already imported, in the previous account will not be affected right?

Exactly, you can easily log in with the other account and access all the other projects.