Connect Sonarcloud to Bitbucket and Github


I have connected Sonarcloud to my Bitbucket Account. When I am trying to connect Github as well I am getting the information that my email is already associated to a user accoun and that I can associate this email address to another user account but this means the following:

  • email address will be erased from the first account.
  • I will no longer receive email notifications from this account.
  • Issues won’t be automatically assigned to this account anymore.

So my question: How can I use Bitbucket and Github together. I would be fine to have two Sonarcloud organization but even this doesn’t seem to work. When I create a second organization I can just use Bitbucket but not Github.

Hello Karl,

You can achieve this in the following way:

  • Connect with the GitHub account (no data will be lost on the Bitbucket account)
  • Configure the projects / repositories you have on GitHub side
  • Add the Bitbucket account as an admin of the new GitHub organization on SonarCloud
  • Connect with the Bitbucket account

Now you should have access to both organizations from this one account. If you want to scan new repositories on GitHub side you have to again connect with the GitHub account to SonarCloud and add them, otherwise you can stay connected with the Bitbucket one. We already have a few ideas in mind to simplify the process in the future.

Please let me know if this works for you or if you have any other questions.


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Where can I perform this step ? I can’t find the option.

Sorry for not going into more details in my previous post. You can do this the following way:

  • Go the organization overview: click on the profile image on the top right and select your organization
  • Navigate to the “Members” tab
  • Add the Bitbucket account as a member
  • Click on the “Administration” tab and navigate to “Permissions”
  • Here you can set your desired permissions for the Bitbucket user


it worked for me by adding the GitHub account as a member of the Bitbucket account but now I can’t manage my repos anymore. I’ve tried to add new Repos to Github and it doesn’t work anymore. Can you please advise.

best regards

Hello Karl,

Yes, this is currently expected. To add new repositories you have to log in via the GitHub account and set them up. After this has been done you can switch back to the Bitbucket account. Unfortunately, as of now, you have to switch to the GitHub account every time you want to add a new repository from GitHub.