SonarCloud with repos in Azure Devops & Bitbucket

We have been using SonarCloud to scan our private repo in AzureDevops.
We would like to extend usage within the company to other development areas and there the code is in Bitbucket.
Is there a way to view both organisations within the same logon.
If not, and I have to login via Bitbucket to point at the new repo, the I am concerned as to what this message means:

By clicking on “Continue” you will associate this email address to another user account:

This means the following:

  • Your email address will be erased from the first account.
  • You will no longer receive email notifications from this account.
  • Issues won’t be automatically assigned to this account anymore.

I wish my sole company email account to be used for SonarCloud set up for both repos. Is this not possible? If not do I need to get another email account. I hope not, but I dont want to impact our existing set up by trying to point at a separate type of repo.
I guess this means the invoicing will also be separate

Hello @andyr23 ,

Welcome to the community!

Yes, this is possible. You can add members from BitBucket or Azure to either of those organizations on the SonarCloud side. So a user logging in with their BitBucket account can have access to the Azure organization on the SonarCloud side.

We can only associate one account with your email address, that is why the message pops up when you sign in with a different account that uses the same email address. The core functionality of SonarCloud will continue to work, so you do not have to be concerned with this message. What changes is that automatic issue assignment and email notifications will only work for the account you most recently signed into.

Yes, billing will be separate for each organization on the SonarCloud side.