Working with two different organizations that authenticate differently

I log into SonarCloud using Azure DevOps. I am a currently part of two organizations that use Azure DevOps for repos. They log into SonarCloud using their Azure DevOps creds.

I am joining a new team that uses BitBucket for a repo. They also use SonarCloud, using BitBucket to authenticate.

I tried to login to SonarCloud via my BitBucket creds but got an error about how my Azure DevOps account would be deleted.

I still need access to the organizations that use Azure DevOps to auth. Can I be part of two different organizations that use different auth-providers?

Hi @dbJones,
Just to be sure, are you talking about this warning?

Hi @Christophe_Havard, yes that’s the warning.

Ok so first thing first : DO NOT PANIC :slight_smile:
None of your account will be deleted.
This warning only tries to explain you that your SonarCloud account knows only one of your identity at the same time.
If you click “Continue”, you will get connected. Then next time you connect from another provider, the same warning will be showed the other way around.

Do I answer your question properly?

Kind regards,