Unable to switch between Bitbucket and Github accounts


We’ve been transitioning from Bitbucket to Github in our company.

During this phase, some projects are still analyzed on via their Bitbucket repositoies while the others already migrated are analyzed via their new Github repositories.

Since the beginning of the transition 2 weeks ago, we’ve been able to log out/log in again and switch between Bitbucket and Github (same email address) but since yesterday some users have the following issue, they cannot log in back to Github coming from Bitbucket on Sonarcloud and some others cannot log in back to Bitbucket coming from Github on Sonarcloud.

The following screen appears:

With the URL : https://sonarcloud.io/sessions/email_already_exists

This is very blocking for us since some PR are blocked because users cannot access their code analysis.

Could you help please?

Thank you,


Hey @Arnaud_Saunier

I can reproduce this with my own accounts – I’ve sounded the alarm bells internally. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll keep you updated on this post.


Hey again.

We’ve identified the change that caused the error, and a fix should be deployed early afternoon (CET)


The issue has been resolved. Thanks for the report.

Hi Colin,

Indeed, it’s all working again, thank you!

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