Connect SonarCloud with both azure devops and github accounts

We’ve got SonarCloud which is connected to our git in azure devops, and now we’re on a migration process to move to GitHub.

When i’m login with my azure devops account i can’t add a connection to my github account.
The email in azure devops is different from the github email…

Is there any way to be in the same account of SonarCloud and having 2 different source controls?


Greetings Mike,
It is possible to login into the same SonarCloud organization with two different integrations (Azure vs GitHub). But the logins will be treated as different users so both will need to be added to the organization

But if I understand correctly your project source code has migrated from being hosted on Azure and is now hosted on GitHub correct?

Currently, SonarCloud organizations don’t support source code “sources” from more than one source.

The recommended migration is to create a new organization based on the new repository platform.

Users can be added to both organizations and once the migration is complete, the old organization can be cleaned up.

Does this answer your question? :pray:

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