Integrate SonarCloud with GitHub and Azure DevOps

It appears that SonarCloud can be integrated with GitHub and Azure DevOps simultaneously.
Can somebody please confirm?
Will there be any issues that we should be aware of?

Hello @RamSoftIT and welcome to our Community!

I confirm that is not possible to use multiple ALM simultaneously at SonarCloud, check our documentation page.

Thanks Alexandre!
Do you mind telling me which page or section of the documentation mentions this limitation as I have a hard time finding it?

By the way, will multiple integrations work if each platform go under their own completely different projects?

Sure, no problem. Here is the URL:
And here is the sentence: To analyze your code with SonarCloud it must be hosted on one of the supported DevOps platforms and you must sign into SonarCloud through your existing account on that platform. (mainly the words on one of the supported DevOps platforms)

Hello Alexandre, will it make any difference if we create another SonarCloud subscription and integrate it with GitHub? The one we currently have is integrated with Azure DevOps.
I guess it won’t make any difference especially if we use the same email addresses to log in to SonarCloud. Just want to make sure

Or will the issue here applies even if we have 2 instances?
SonarCloud multi source control integration - Get help / SonarCloud - SonarSource Community

Yes, the issue you mentioned applies when using the same e-mail address. As @Martin_Bednorz told you in the other topic: It is not possible to use the same organization for GitHub and GitLab projects at the same time.

What you can try is to create another organization using a DevOps credential with a different e-mail address. If you use the same e-mail address, SonarCloud will switch you to the other DevOps credential as soon you attempt to login with it (think about it as disabling all projects from one credential to enable the ones from the current one).

Thanks for the clarification Alexandre!
Can we possibly create an enhancement request for SonarCloud to make the product integrate with multiple Platforms?

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Yes, of course!! :slightly_smiling_face: Take a look here and feel free to add your suggestion!