Housekeeping - What closed issues will be deleted?


I got a question on the definition of closed issues in relation to the documentation on Housekeeping --> “All closed issues more than 30 days old are deleted”.

Will all issues with “Status”: “Closed” be removed after the configured amount of days or are there any issues which will not be deleted? Like for example, is it dependent on what “Resolution” the issue have (ex. “Fixed”, “False Positive”) and/or if an issue has been corrected/removed from the source code in a following scan or not?

SonarQube 8.4


Closed Issues and “Resolved” issues are different things (it’s not exactly intuitive, you don’t have to tell us :wink: )

From the Docs on Issues


Closed issues will have one of two resolutions:

  • Fixed - set automatically when a subsequent analysis shows that the issue has been corrected or the file is no longer available (removed from the project, excluded or renamed)
  • Removed - set automatically when the related rule is no longer available. The rule may not be available either because it has been removed from the Quality Profile or because the underlying plugin has been uninstalled.

Resolved issues will have one of two resolutions:

  • False Positive - set manually
  • Won’t Fix - set manually

Closed issues (Fixed / Removed) get purged, (manually) Resolved Issues (Won’t Fix / False Positive) don’t.

Thank you Colin, makes it clearer.


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