Database Cleaner : All closed issues more than 30 days old are deleted

Hi, I am using SonarQube 6.7.5

Currently, I need to make a report about Total fixed issues. There are setting for database cleaner in Sonar. One of them is Delete closed issues after : 30 days (default)

What I want to confirm is:

  1. This cleaner will delete closed issues which means it will delete Issues with resolution Fixed and Removed, isn’t it?
  2. Will this cleaner delete closed issues exactly on time or on the date? If I create issues on 1 December 2018 03:15:03 PM, will it closed on 31 December 12:00 :01 AM or 31 December 03:15:03 PM?

Thank you :smile:

Hey Fanny,

  1. Correct, “Closed” refers to tickets either Fixed or Removed.

  2. The database cleaner is triggered on an analysis of the project – for example, if I trigger analysis on December 1st, some issues are closed, and I trigger analysis again on January 1st, the database cleaner will run and clean up the closed issues. If I trigger analysis on December 1st and never scan again, the database cleaner will never run and those closed issues will not get cleaned.

I ultimately feel you might wish to vote on MMF-614, which would provide this information in the Project Activity page (and, by way of Web API, probably be easy to query)


Hi, thank you, that’s really helpful.

Sorry, but I will ask a little bit more detail. So if I create issues on 1 December 2018 03:15:03 PM, If I analyze the codes on 31 December before 03:15:03 PM, let’s says at 03:10:16 PM, will the issues be deleted or not?

Thank you :smile:

Greetings Fanny,

I think issues closed on December 1st at anytime during the day will become candidates to be purged on the next analysis on December 31st starting at midnight.