How to perform a clean-up of a large SonarQube instance

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  • Version 7.9.4 (build 35981)

Our SonarQube instance is growing and we need to perform a clean-up. We started by deleting projects that have not been analyzed in 2 years but from reading different posts in the community it has come to our attention that issues related to the project are not deleted. How can the issues (open & closed) related to a deleted project also be deleted from SonarQube. Is there any other information for a project that remains, even though a project has been deleted?


Would you mind providing a pointer to those posts? I have the vague feeling that this has been fixed in a subsequent version, but I don’t have enough data to follow up yet.


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Hi Ann,

Please ignore my post. The open issues that were being displayed were from a project with a similar name that still existed. So deleting a project, did delete the issues. When I was searching the web for information regarding issues, this is the post that I came across Database Cleaner : All closed issues more than 30 days old are deleted .

Apologies for my error.

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