Not able to pull the all closed issues from database or from sonarqube dasboard issues tab

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  • error observed (wrap logs/code around triple quote ``` for proper formatting)
  • steps to reproduce
  • potential workaround

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Hi ,

We are trying to find out how many total issues were reported by sonarqube in the span of last 1 year.

Looking at the administration tab, we found in General tab the section “Delete closed issues after” has the default value of 30. Could you please provide more details on how it works, will it cause to delete these closed issues after 30 days permanently from the database and now there is no way to find out how many of these issues were closed?

If these closed issues will be deleted permanently from database as well then how can we find /track how many total issues were reported in the span of last 1 year?

Could you please help on this question.