How “fixed issues” are calculated related, but not limited to, the setting of a new code period


we’re using SonarQube Version, Scanner: 4.4
We’re struggling to understand some metrics reported by SonarQube platform, particularly we need your assistance when it comes to get information about fixed issues in a specific project.
We prepare periodic reports that summarize the state of each project we’re working on and, based on a sample taken on January 2020, we detected about 175 fixed issues on a single project.
Now we’ve run a new analysis on the same project and fixed issues are only ten. Among the ten fixed issues we see two that are dated Feb 8 2019, that suggests that no age based purging activity has been performed. Nevertheless, where the other fixed issues are gone?
We saw that our general setting for “Default New Code Period behavior” is the default (Previous version). We’ve also noted that general setting “Delete closed issues after” is 30 days, related to this specific setting we have noticed that many (fixed) closed issues are instead still present in the database even after a year, see example below:

Generally speaking we’d like to have a better understanding of how “fixed issues” statistics are calculated including, but not limited to, the setting of a new code period.

Thanks for your attention. We’re looking forward to your reply.

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What you see on the issue box is the date the issue was created. If you want to see the date of the last update, you’ll need to click on the date:


As part of each analysis, housekeeping is run. One of the housekeeping steps is purging issues that have been closed for 30 days, as you noted. That’s where your closed issues went; they were purged by housekeeping and in the last 30 days, 10 more issues have been closed.

Those two closed issues were initially opened in Feb. 2019, and closed recently. Their change logs should tell you when, exactly.

To be clear, your Fixed Issues count does not reflect the total count of all issues fixed in the project across time. It only shows how many have not yet been purged.


Hi Ann,
may you explain why this issue is still present even if it’s closed on April 9, 2020?

Isn’t it closed for more than 30 days and therefore it should be purged, isn’t it? :thinking:
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When’s the last time you analyzed that project? Closed issues are cleaned out as part of Housekeeping, which runs at the end of analysis (specifically as part of background task processing). If the issue is in a branch, when’s the last time you analyzed main?


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