What is closed(fixed)

(Rahul Saini) #1


My understanding is:

  1. When you fix any code smell, but do not rescan the code onto sonarqube, you can mark the issue as “Resolved as fixed”. That will change the issue state to Resolved (Fixed).

  2. When you fix any code smell & then rescan the code onto sonarqube, the issue will be automatically removed from the issue list & issue count.

But recently I stumbled upon a issue state of Closed (Fixed). Can someone please explain what am I missing. Because it sort of contradicts my #2 understanding.

Thank You

(G Ann Campbell) #2


Believe it or not, there’s no contradiction here. The Closed/Fixed state is how the new analysis removes issues from the Open issue count (which is what you see by default). When an analysis sees that an issue has been handled, it moves that issue to Closed/Fixed. Eventually those issues are purged from the database. The default housekeeping period is 30 days, but that’s tunable.


(Rahul Saini) #3

Oh ok, thanks Ann :slight_smile: