Branch analysis didn't synchroniz issue status from master

SonarQube Developer Edition 10.2:
We scanned the master code and there were 4000 code smells . And we change many issues status from “open” to “fixed”. There are about 200 issues left.
Then we create branch and scanned , there still 4000 code smells on branch . How do I synchronize these issues status on master to the branch?


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The ability to mark something “Fixed” is vestigial. It’s left over from the days when code was typically analyzed on a nightly basis. In that case, a dev would fix an issue in code, then mark it ‘Fixed’ in SonarQube so that the team could see it was handled. That night, if the next analysis found that the issue had really disappeared from the code, it would be Closed. If not, it would be ReOpened.

That’s… a lot.

Do the “fixed” issues pertain to certain sections of the code? If so, it would be more efficient to set exclusions.

Or perhaps instead of administering individual issues, you should review your Quality Profile and edit which rules are applied.

Regarding your question: False Positive and Won’t Fix issues are synchronized from the main branch on the first analysis of a branch (and not again).


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Got it and Thank you