Issues marked as resolved/wontfix in master branch are still shown as issues in other branches


We’re using SonarQube 8.9.8. We marked some false positive issues as resolved in our master branch (but the master branch isn’t the main branch in sonarqube). However, SonarQube still points out these issues in other branches created from master and fails the analysis.

Is there any way to mark an issue as resolved in a way so it take effect across all branches?

Even security hotspot issues that were marked as “safe” in master branch are still shown as issues in new branches.


Hey there.

Issue states will not transfer to existing branches (except for the first time a new branch is analyzed), but they should transfer to new branches (one-time, on the first analysis of that new branch).

Can you clarify what behavior is happening here?

Hi, thanks for the reply.

What’s happening for me is:

  1. Master branch had security hotspots and vulnerabilities.
  2. The security hotspots I reviewed and marked as safe and the vulnerabilities I closed because they were false positives.
  3. Created another branch from master for a pull request.
  4. The new branch shows all the security hotspots and vulnerabilities I had closed in the master branch. These show up in the “Overall Code” tab, not under “New Code”.

Thanks @samwise

Can you tell me how your new code period is configured for this project, and for the new branch that you created?

Hi @Colin, this is how New Code is configured:

Project level:

Branch level: