Solved issues are not being shown

Hi there,
Could you tell me what do I need to do in order to see solved issues on branch analysis?

Example: master branch has 10 bugs, and I’ve created a new branch where I’ve fixed 5 of them. However, the branch analysis does not show those fixed bugs. if I add new bugs, they are detected and shown.

Any thoughts?

I’m using version 6.7.3 (build 38370)

Rui Rodrigues.

Hi Rui,

Well spotted! In fact, you can’t currently see what existing issues a new branch fixes. We recognize that gap but don’t have it in our short-term plans.


Hi Ann,
Thank you for your feedback.
In this case, what’s your suggestion for this?
Thank you.

Rui Rodrigues

Sorry Rui, I don’t really have one.

OK. Do you have public issue tracker? If so, share the issue related to this feature request please.
Thank you.

Here you go:

This feature would be very much appreciated! We recently added SonarQube to a lot of old projects and are actively fixing issues as they come up. It’s quite discouraging if a merge request is flagged as “failing the quality gate” if it creates 3 new code smells but fixes 30 of them plus two security bugs.

Feel free to vote for that MMF @dbrgn.


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Yep, I only noticed after posting here that the Jira issue tracker signup is public :slightly_smiling_face: I now placed my vote.

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