How do I find issues that have been automatically resolved?

When my team first started using SonarQube last year we had over 6,000 code smells. We’ve been slowly chipping away at them and now they’re down to about 500 code smells. The issues activity graph on the dashboard confirms these numbers.

However, when I view the issues, clear all filters (including unselecting unresolved resolution), I’m only seeing about 2,000 issues listed. Where are the remaining ~4,000 that were likely resolved automatically as a result of the code cleanup work that the team has been doing?

I’m expecting there to be about ~4,000 issues under Fixed resolution but there’s only 57 listed. It seems most of them have been lost somehow? We started last year with SonarQube v8.6 and have upgraded to each version as it was released (currently on v9.0). We’re using the MSBuild Scanner (latest version as of today).

Am I looking in the wrong place for these issues or is it possible they were lost as a result of the software upgrades at some point?


These issues were not lost. They were purged on purpose.

We don’t keep Closed/Fixed issues in the database indefinitely. As described in the docs closed issues are purged 30 days after being closed.


Ah hah! OK that certainly explains it, thank you for the help.